Alan Lohman

When I was young I would dream of flight.  I would run around the back yard

with my arms stretched out imagining that I was soaring through the air.  

Climbing high away from the noise of the city I felt at peace in a place

where only I could be.  I felt empowerment, unlimited potential, and freedom.

Flying Aerial Photography Platforms (drones) reminds me this.  During the work

day I spend most of my time in a deeply analytical and logical framework. 

I am surrounded by technology and sometimes it can feel like I’m drowning in it. 

To balance that I return to the sky, but now I don’t imagine it.  I watch and capture some of nature’s most beautiful and intimate moments from a place that only I can see.  I watch the sunset paint the horizon from 300 feet in the air.  I watch my children play as I orbit around the playground.  I see the engineering achievements of architecture.  I capture all of these moments to remind me of the greater world around me.  It is the world beyond smart phones, and computer monitors.  It’s the world I dreamed of as a child.

I love what flight represents and the emotions, wonder and awe it can produce when we see our world from a new perspective.  I love exercising my creative side and sharing those moments so we can all remember the world that is always right outside our door.  We spend a lot of time looking down at our digital devices.  Look up, take a deep breath, be in the moment and dream.

If you are interested in using any of my photography for any purpose please contact me alan(at) and I can provide you with higher quality images without watermarks.